Our Staff

Pharmacy Staff

Our pharmacy staff provide pharmacokinetic monitoring, including evaluation of drug and dosing appropriate to diagnosis/therapy, monitoring medication profile and potential drug and food interactions, first dosing in the home and anaphylaxis precautions, as well as ongoing clinical monitoring. Prescriptions are processed electronically with specially developed software to minimize medication error potential.

Infusion Nurses

Specially trained infusion nurses provide individualized patient education and coordination of care, including assistance with travel coordination. Chartwell’s specialized enteral therapy team provides nutritional assessments by registered dietitians utilizing a Dietitian-developed enteral acuity model. An ongoing evaluation of patient response and tolerance to therapy with recommendations made to physicians is provided as needed.

Clinical Staff

Chartwell’s clinical staff evaluates all referrals and works with the physician and referral source to ensure that the therapy is appropriate and can be provided safely in the home. This initial assessment is completed by reviewing each patient's medical history including pertinent laboratory values, potential medication interactions and allergies, as well as the patient's home environment.

Reimbursement Services

Our committed Insurance Verification Specialists assist with identification and verification of insurance benefits and policies. Each patient and referral source is contacted prior to initiation of service to discuss insurance benefits and coverage. Patients are notified if they have any financial responsibility. Information regarding patient financial assistance programs for our specialty pharmacy is provided specific to the disease state/diagnosis, if available.

Billing Services

Our billing and reimbursement department is responsible for processing and following up on claims on behalf of our patients with their health insurance companies in order to receive payment for services rendered. The teams also provide support to help explain the patient’s out-of-pocket responsibilities. By working closely within the entire continuum of care, Chartwell’s billing and reimbursement department translates a healthcare service into a paid claim.

Customer Service

Throughout the patient’s time on service with Chartwell, customer service representatives routinely contact patients prior to each delivery to review supply and drug quantities / needs; these representatives coordinate each delivery to ensure timely receipt of products.

Mission and Vision

Maximizing the quality of life and dignity of our patients

Chartwell is dedicated to maximizing the quality of life and dignity of the patients and clients we serve. Our Core Values define our business culture where the contributions of every individual are recognized and rewarded in pursuit of a shared vision.