Infinity Pump

Troubleshooting the Infinity Pump
1. NO FOOD Alarm
   a. Bag may be empty.
   b. Air in line - Prime to remove air.
   c. If mixing formula, foam bubbles could cause this alarm. Let formula sit about 10 minutes
       or prime any bubbles in tubing through.

   a. Make sure pump door is closed all the way or turn pump off and reload set and then turn back on.

3. NO FLOW Alarms
   a. Make sure tubing or tube itself is not pinched, kinked or clogged.
   b. Clean pressure sensor area where cassette rests.
   c. Try a new bag.

4. Charging Problems
   a. Check connections.
   b. Swap pump if unable to find that wall outlet is not functioning or if battery symbol
        and E and F on fuel gauge flashing.



General Temperature Guidelines
General recommended storage temperature ranges for your nutritional product is between 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit (F). The most desirable temperature range for storage of unopened containers is room temperature, between 55 and 75 degrees F. Storage at these temperatures will assure the highest quality product.

Unopened products should be stored in a cool, dry area. Prolonged exposure to temperatures below 32 degrees F or to direct heat above 95 degrees F could affect the physical consistency of the product.

Extreme Storage Conditions
Do not freeze formula products or store at greater than 95 degrees F. Excess temperatures can cause physical changes in the products, rendering them undesirable or unusable.

Additional Powder Storage Recommendations
Powdered formula should be used within one month from opening. Although the powders will not "spoil" from a microbiological perspective, some of the vitamins and fatty acids will degrade over time when exposed to oxygen. Powdered nutritional products should be stored in a cool, dry area. Opened powder cans should be covered; they should not be stored in the refrigerator.













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