Medication/Pharmacy FAQs

The following questions represent some of the most common questions we receive. The answers below are a guide and are not intended to replace the need to consult a professional nurse or pharmacist. Please call 1-800-755-4704.

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Q. If I am hospitalized, should I take my medications and supplies to the hospital?

Q. How long should I remove my medication from the refrigerator before I use it?

Q. What are the possible side effects of my medication?

Q. Where should I keep my medication if it needs to be stored at room temperature?

Q. If my medication label shows today as the expiration date can I still use it?

Q. My medication infuses on a Prizm pump and when I awoke most of it was still in the bag. What happened?

Q. How much saline and heparin should I flush with?

Q. How often do I administer this medication?

Q. I forgot to take my medicine out of the refrigerator. Can I warm it up in the microwave?

Q. I fell asleep and forgot to infuse my medication. What should I do?

Q. How do I know when to stop taking my medication?